Meet the latest vintage of Future Leaders
Last updated 13 May 2021

Fifteen dynamic and skilled members of the Australian wine community have today joined the roll call of the grape and wine sector’s professional and personal development program, Future Leaders.

New insights for the Australian wine sector
Last updated 10 May 2021

Wine Australia has launched a new Interactive Insights portal – giving grapegrowers and winemakers 24 x 7 access to the latest wine export and grape production data.

Australian wine exports resilient despite headwinds
Last updated 29 Apr 2021

Australian wine exports declined by 4 per cent in value to $2.77 billion in the 12 months to March 2021, compared with the previous corresponding period, driven principally by the toll taken by high Chinese tariffs, according to Wine Australia’s latest Export Report released today.

Australian wine tourism businesses set to amplify online presence
Last updated 12 Apr 2021

Wine Australia has invested $900,000 in the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW), to make it easier for wine businesses to market wine tourism experiences online and expand customer reach. 

Wine Industry Mentor Program breaks new ground
Last updated 08 Apr 2021

The Wine Industry Mentor Program, which pairs early career wine sector professionals with respected wine sector leaders, is expanding into all areas of the wine industry. 

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Aeration of red ferments gets the thumbs up on wine quality
Last updated 11 Jun 2021

Aeration of red ferments has a definite and reproducible positive impact on wine quality.

That’s the conclusion of a Wine Australia-funded study conducted by Australian Wine Research Institute Research Manager, Dr Simon Schmidt.

Collaboration the key to getting the best from technology
Last updated 11 Jun 2021

A project that aims to reduce the ‘road blocks’ to open technology in the wine sector – and allow it to capitalise on advancements in digital technologies – is about to embark on its second phase.

Next Crop seeding a new generation of leaders
Last updated 11 Jun 2021

How do you encourage young viticulturists and individuals from across the regions to take on leadership roles and to build confidence to participate in industry decision making? An innovative program – a three-way partnership between Wine Australia, Regional Program partners or regional associations and a provider organisation – aims to provide the answer.

Virus scoping and vine health on the agenda for Limestone Coast
Last updated 11 Jun 2021

Grapevine viruses pose a significant risk to the productivity, quality and sustainability of Australian vineyards. 

A recent ‘hybrid event’ symposium – simulcast to both Coonawarra and Margaret River growers and winemakers – offered the latest information on grapevine viruses

Trans-Tasman project aims to stop viral pathogens in their tracks
Last updated 11 Jun 2021

A new project aims to develop a practical ‘how to’ guide for vineyard owners and their staff to detect and manage three key viral pathogens of grapevines – grapevine leafroll-associated virus 1 (GLRaV-1), GLRaV-3, and GVA, which causes Shiraz Disease

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A brief guide to the USA's three-tier system
Last updated 08 Jun 2021

Exports of Australian wine to the United States of America (USA) are growing by value, with 4 per cent growth in the year ended March 2021. There are opportunities for Australian wine exports to continue to grow. However, the market is difficult to navigate. In this Market Bulletin, we explore the nuances of accessing the USA market.

Emerging opportunities for Australian wine in Russia and Vietnam
Last updated 25 May 2021

Russia and Vietnam have been identified as presenting good opportunities for Australian wine exports: Russia because of its overall attractiveness as a wine market and Vietnam because of Australia’s particular advantages in that market.

New dashboards bring data to your fingertips – free and 24/7
Last updated 11 May 2021

Have you ever wondered what the average price per litre of exports to Poland was in 2012? What about how many exporters shipped wine to Canada in the past 12 months? Or the total value of Yarra Valley Pinot Noir crushed in the 2019 vintage?

Well, now you can find out through Wine Australia’s Interactive Insights platform. 

China dampens overall export value, while exports to the rest of the world increase
Last updated 29 Apr 2021

In the 12 months ended March 2021, Australian wine exports decreased by 4 per cent in value to $2.77 billion and by 1 per cent in volume to 724 million litres due principally to a reduction in exports to mainland China as well as the cumulative effects of three consecutive lower vintage in Australia leading to less volume available to export. 

A world of opportunity for Cabernet Sauvignon
Last updated 13 Apr 2021

Cabernet Sauvignon is the world’s most popular wine, with an estimated 151 million cases of the variety consumed around the world in 2019 – 11 per cent of which is estimated to be Australian.

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This content is restricted to wine exporters and levy-payers. Some reports are available for purchase to non-levy payers/exporters.