Doing Business in Korea - Cultural Training Workshop

Hosted by the Australia Korea Business Council for Wine Australia, 9th December, 2021 at 12.30pm - 2.30pm AEDT.
09 Dec 2021 Online
09 Dec 2021
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Hosted by the Australia-Korea Business Council for Wine Australia, this two-hour virtual tailored workshop will provide Australian wineries and producers with a strong understanding of the cultural aspects of doing business in the Republic of Korea (Korea), and equip them with tools to succeed in doing business, building relationships and working with Korean customers. With topics including Korean history, economy, chaebol (Korean conglomerates), society, and business culture, this workshop will help participants understand the business environment and overcome the cultural barriers to doing business in this profitable and appealing market that highly regards Australian wine. It will also include information about the Korean consumer, Korean’s perceptions of Australian wine, considerations when purchasing wine and marketing tools to help you better reach your desired customer. Timed immediately prior to an official visit by the Korean President to Australia, this training program is a must-attend program to ensure you are on the front foot to win business in Korea.

The Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement (KAFTA) has assisted with market access for Australian wine entering the Korean market, eliminating the 15 per cent tariff helping to make Korea a market of interest for many Australian wine makers. Wine exports have risen significantly with this increased focus on the Korean market, with exports rising to $45.5 million for the 12 months ending September 2021, representing an increase of 81.5% from the previous year. Koreans have shown a preference for red wines, with Shiraz marking up just under half of the total value of exports ($20.8 million), followed by cabernet sauvignon ($9.0 million).

This workshop will provide participants with:

  • An understanding of Korean history, economy, society and business culture
  • Increased awareness of Korean business etiquette
  • Practical ways to engage with Korean companies and an introduction to companies that can assist you journey
  • An understanding of how to conduct business meetings with Koreans
  • Tips and tricks to build relationships and engage with Korean clients
  • A basic understanding of the Korean consumer.

This workshop will be is suitable for anyone:

  • Considering doing business in Korea
  • Already working with Korean customers and partners
  • Looking to establish partnerships with Korean companies.